Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sign and interior element fabrication

Hand carved and finished sign: Alumilite panel with HDU sign foam letters, painted sides with gold leaf faces. Approx. 5' x 10' overall. (Christopher Maylone Studio)

CNC and hand-carved sign, approx. 6' x 3', finished with epoxy and paint. 
(Christopher Maylone Studio)

Room identification sign for health club in Chicago's West Loop. 3form, maple and sappelle wood, paint, epoxy, stainless steel hardware. Approx. 10" x 12". (Christopher Maylone Studio)

Cabinets designed and fabricated for tenants in upscale boutique building. Cases are built of mitered and cemented 3form material, mounted with stainless cable and fastening hardware. Front (access) doors are acrylic. (Christopher Maylone Studio)

Design for diffusing wall intended to protect valuable bird mounts in display case from light exposure damage. Finished product, fabricated by contractor, was simplified. 
(Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum)

Handmade CD/DVD cases: cherry, maple, sappelle wood, finished with shellac and paste wax.
(Christopher Maylone Studio)

16' x 4' curved photo montage for Italian bistro in Evanston. Photos were digitally stitched together then printed, applied to a sheet of translucent polycarbonate, and mounted to custom made wood frame. (Christopher Maylone Studio)

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Ethan said...

Dear Ezra,

Your work is simply outstanding! I am excited to see some of what you have accomplished.

Your friend,

Ethan Lewis